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Who are we?

What is Canister?

Canister is a container for ideas and a place for us to show our work.  Canister was a brand development and design company co-operated by Laurel Swenson and Gyasi Bourne, with which we served clients in the life sciences, medical technology, and healthcare realms. However, Canister is no longer taking on clients as we pursue other exciting career endeavours. Canister is currently a portfolio of past brand development and design work, as well as a showcase for our on-going self-initiated creative projects.

Laurel Swenson, BA, CGD

Brand manager, Project Manager, Senior Graphic Designer & Art Director 
Certified Graphic Designer, Society of Graphic Designers of Canada

I am an art director, brand development consultant, project manager, senior Certified Graphic Designer and illustrator who has been working with clients in healthcare, wellness, life sciences, music and film, arts and culture, government, and many other organizations for over fifteen years. I am an entrepreneurial self-starter who has a keen interest in healthy living, and active lifestyles, health education, sustainability, and continuous personal and professional development. 

Insightful designer. Brand-sensitive leader. Idea generator. Decision-maker. Effective communicator. Empathetic collaborator. Relationship builder. Meaning-maker. 

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Portfolio — brand development and design work:

Artwork — painting and illustration: 

Gyasi Bourne 



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