Be a Savvy Senior: Fraud Prevention Strategies for Seniors


This set of educational tools included the art direction, design and production of the full-colour calendar, a set of five accompanying digital educational tools as downloadable PDFs, and original illustrations throughout. The tools have all been produced in both English and French, so there was some tricky planning necessary to incorporate both, and still make it look good—but be readable and without feeling cluttered. We also helped out with the naming.

Laurel created all the original illustrations.

In the midst of creating this calendar, we heard on the radio about one of the EXACT scam scenarios depicted in the tools occurring in Victoria, BC! Talk about getting validation that there is a need for this information out there.

These tools are the brainchild of Krista James, National Director of the Canadian Centre for Elder Law, a division of the British Columbia Law Institute. Thanks for being such a fantastic collaborator Krista!

The Canadian Centre for Elder Law 

The Canadian Centre for Elder Law is a national, non-profit agency focused on law and aging issues. The CCEL’s work involves legal research, law reform, public education and legal outreach in relation to legal and social policy issues impacting older people and their families and support people. The CCEL is a division of the British Columbia Law Institute, the independent  law reform agency for British Columbia. Most of the materials we produce, including legal reports and educational tools, can be downloaded for free from the CCEL website:

Be a Savvy Senior: Fraud Protection Strategies for Seniors is a series of educational tools to help seniors protect themselves against fraud. The fact sheets and videos can be downloaded online at:

The cover

The Be a Savvy Senior Calendar front cover. Working with two languages is always a little tricky. Emphasizing both titles creates two focal points. Not ideal! 

Be a Savvy Senior calendar spreads

The calendar spreads

It is not until you want to make a custom, full-colour calendar that you realize just how much ink and paper is required to pull it off! We opted for a unique two-month spread approach.

The illustrations

A few examples of the illustrated elements from the calendar.


The factsheets

We created ten two-sided factsheets, five in each language. These are available to download, as well as in the near future via a short full-colour print run.

Be a Savvy Senior: Fraud Prevention Strategies for Seniors