Macdonald Realty


We worked with Macdonald Realty Group in redeveloping their brand because they felt their previous materials did not reflect who they are today. The brand development process led to a set of new cut lines, a visual motif incorporating sky and transparent blue arcs that incorporate well with realestate imagery and an info-graphic.

MRG Horizontal ad

This project was unique becasue they have their own creative department, this meant that Laurel needed to create artwork that needed to be very flexible and intended to be built upon by their team going forward.

MRG infographic

One important point that come out of the brand development process is that the general realty audience often does not know what realtors actually do. In fact, the better a realtor does their job, the more invisible their work tends to be! We concluded that it is important for their audience to know more about the work realtors carry out. Macdonad make many processes and chunks of information available and understandable by using this fresh, poppy info-graphic motif designed in their expanded colour palette.

MRG letter ad

Canister did not design or develop Macdonad's website, but we show it here simply to demonstrate how the brand direction was incoporated into the design of their site by their developer.

MRG Website

Macdonald Realty texture