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A thank you note a day. Leah Dieterich thinks there’s always something to be thankful for … and sometimes she's just thankful it’s over.

Seth Godin & the lizard brain

In this video of Seth Godin speaking, he talks about quieting the lizard brain and shipping it. Inspiring as always. Seth is my hero.

from the99percent.com

Seth Godin

Cell size and scale—How to visualize scale

Sara suggested this site: “Science fun! University of Utah geneticists created this zoomable application to compare the size of things like sesame seeds, photoreceptors, viruses and so on — all the way down to a single carbon atom.”

We guarantee you’ll do it at least twice!

Cell size and scale

Lost Generation—video poem

Lost Generation is beautiful and clever video that was submitted by a 20-year old to a contest sponsored titled “u @ 50″ (Sponsored by AARP). The video won second place. The screening received an emotional and enthusiastic response from the audience. Watch it. Very smart.

Lost Generation Video

Chris Brogan—Community Buiding and Social Media Specialist

Are you curious about social media and the role it can play in building relationships? Chris Brogan is a fantastic resource. He puts out a great newsletter and is a very engaging, emphatic speaker. View video on his site. His book, "Trust Agents", is a very worth while read.


The Scientist—Video Awards

TheScientist.com reveals their first The Scientist Video Awards. You can watch the winning videos and read comments from the professional judges about what makes each video great. Check out the winner, it is hilarious — and educational, of course.


Daniel Pink on the science of motivation: Drive

Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation and how so many get it wrong despite the science that clearly points us in a different, better, more fruitful direction. Dan Pink has also written a fantastic Manga style career guide that I love and recommend to every young person I know.
Daniel Pink on Motivation—video


The book:


Drive book

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